Friday, April 16, 2010

NM1101E Human-Computer Interaction Tutorial

7 April 2010

My NM1101E Introduction to Communications and New Media tutorial group members are a fun lot. During our second last tutorial for the semester, we were tasked to analyse a product that has a poor HCI interface.

I brought along the NDP Nokia phone torch. Fancy as it is, the torch has an affordance problem with the buttons that could not be pressed down. And when the torch is finally activated, the light shines onto your face.

We finally selected Darryl's Polaroid camera, a complicated antique.

When we're done with our work, we thought we could borrow adhesive glue from the general office of the CNM department. However, when we were there, no one attended to us despite our long wait. The absence of a bell also turned us off. Waiving to a staff also yielded no response, so we did a commando stunning act ..... (censored).

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