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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Mangrove Tree planting & Salted Egg Making

Day 26 - 19 November 2010

Woke up at 5am in the morning so that I could send Buddy & Mortal off. Youth Leaders were to report at 6am to be ready to leave Fuji Maru and depart for Lao P.D.R. Was on my way to Mortal's cabin when I met Jane who needed help with her luggage.

True enough, Japan National Leader Waku-T was there at the lobby. Handed over a gift to Mortal and wished her bon voyage. And then spent some time at the deck admiring the beauty of sunrise, my first time doing it since the commencement of the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP).

After breakfast, we assembled in the Pacific Hall with our homestay luggages. By Solidarity Groups (SGs), we left for our institutional visits. SGs A, B and C headed to the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha.

Our SG-A Administrative Staff (ex-PY)

The intense sun rays dampened our shirts but not our moods.

We then headed to the Klong Pittayalongkor School, which was located in the rural area. 

Traffic Police Escort

Students welcomed us as we arrived. We got seated for lunch to be served by students and teachers.

A warm welcome by the Principal

I learnt that the school not only provided the usual education, but also environmental studies.

Cultural performance by students



After filling our stomachs, we proceeded to our first lesson.

Our classroom

We were given white handkerchiefs and raffia strings to make our very own dyed handkerchiefs. The tied handkerchiefs were then submerged into boiling dye (from natural extract). The handkerchiefs were collected by our National Leaders and would be distributed to us at a later date.

Students assisted us

Next, we learnt how to make some Thai desserts.

Helpful Lao Assistant Youth Leader (AYL) Johnny doing the translation

Cooking the desserts

The dessert!

We also learnt how to make salted eggs!

We used the mud that contained natural salts to wrap the duck egg. The egg should not be exposed to external air. After wrapping it, we place them into a plastic bag.

Enjoying our refreshments

Most of the Participating Youths (PYs) changed into tshirts and shorts to participate in the Mangrove Tree planting activity. 

The water was as deep as chest level. The ground was muddy. To plant the mangrove trees, we had to use our toes to dig a hole on the ground and then using our toes again to place mangrove trees into the ground. Once we were in the water, we really didn't want to come out anymore. It was a fantastic time.

We took our shower and assembled for the closing.

Lao AYL Johnny delivers a thank-you speech

We were running late for our Homestay matching at the Bangkok Metropolitan Youth Centre. The traffic jam didn't help.

Homestay Matching

Many of the SGs had already reached the homestay matching venue before us. I didn't have to wait long before being picked up by my host family. My homestay buddies were Habibie (Malaysia), Captain (Vietnam) and Hiro (Japan).

We were fetched by the teachers working for our host family. Thanks to the traffic jam, we had a long chat before we reached the restaurant to meet our host sister Dr Pla (Fish in Thailand).

Western Cuisine for Dinner


Our house was like a resort located in a rural area, just next to the school owned by our host family.

Fortunately, we could use the washing machine. While chatting with host Mother, we found out she had been hosting SSEAYP participants for more 20 years! For the short span of time spent outdoors, my feet were wasted by the mosquitoes.

Rae and Honey, the two teachers from China, were kind enough to lend us their laptops. Captain and I were online till 2am...

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