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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Pretty Flowers Bloom for you and me on Singapore Night

Day 36 - 29 November 2010

The morning of the 36th day of the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) was half a free day. The Singapore Contingent started our national presentation rehearsal at the Pacific Hall, and some of us were concurrently practising the flag hoisting ceremony at the Sun Deck. I was very honoured to be the Master of Ceremony for our special day, so I cracked my head to come up with the best script that I could.

Fairuz shouting the familiar military command

Fizah overseeing the practice

While making an announcement over noon assembly, Captain (Vietnam) candidly greeted everyone "good 'mornoon'". Interesting.

Shere and Jed also reminded fellow Participating Youths (PYs) to attend our national presentation in red top and bring their pillows along. It would be a very homely environment.

Shere and Jed

The Health Education (Measures against HIV/AIDS) Discussion Group also presented the pledge received during their Health Olympics event.

I couldn't wait to see what Singapore dishes were served during lunch.

Chicken Rice


It was quite an injustice to the Chicken rice and Popiah as they weren't really cooked the Singapore way, making us crave more of Singapore food! Many of us told other fellow PYs to try the real stuff when they arrive in Singapore.

After lunch, we had the Post-Programme Session I (by Contingent, Preparation of Individual Reports). The Singapore PYs (SPYs) ended our session early so that we could get ready for our BIG SHOW. The Administrative Staff were quite strict about having us adhering to the programme schedule, so we couldn't end too early.

At 5pm, we brought our costumes to the backstage and started to prepare for the big day. We were assisted by PYs from all the other contingents. From make-up, hairstyling, to stage decoration, lightings, and sound, we couldn't have do it without them.

Thanks Wei Siang for the hairstyling

Our national presentation was about how a girl who had lived abroad for many years, return to Singapore and rediscover her roots and what truly is home.

Along the way, the lead character, Yvonne (casted by Vania), immersed herself in the multiracial and multicultural fusion make-up of Singapore society.

Sin Yan doing the Indian Dance

Jiale & Jun Yi dancing to the tune of "Huo Yuan Jia"

Zatan & Ika with their Malay moves

Baby if you Love me now~

After the dance, we had the Dikir Barat with a twist. The first segment was a more serious one, with original lyrics. "O~ Singapore, O~ Singapore, Sunny island set in the sea. O~ Singapore, O~ Singapore, pretty flowers bloom for you and me!"

Some came with their pillows

The second segment had some humour in it. We were so glad the crowd was responsive to our performance and we just gave our best.

There was the Fashion Parade.

The video on "Filial Piety" (MCYS Video) was screened and some PYs cried watching that. And then. we sang "Home" as our finale item.

With gangway partner

With Fashion Parade partner

Partying at the Sky Lounge

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