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37th SSEAYP 2010 - See you again Malaysia!

Day 22 - 15 November 2010

Packed our luggage in the morning. Abang went to work. Kakak went to work in the morning. Amalia and Aida went to school and would join us later.

Our bedroom


The Living Room

Kakak prepared a heavy breakfast for us.

We took 2 taxis to ferry the 6 of us to the West Port. As the place was quite remote, the taxis took several detours and I had to call my National Leader to ask for directions.

Once we reached the Port, Hung and I rushed back to Fuji Maru. Each of the Participating Youths (PYs) would be given a boarding pass each time we exit the ship. Once we returned, we had to deposit the pass back to the rack. And not forgetting the helpful Administrative Staff who would ensure we sanitise our hands. Our National Leaders were all ready to welcome us back and we signed our names before returning to our cabins to have a change of clothes to Attire A2.

We had buffet lunch at the Port before bringing our host family for a tour on board the ship.

At the Dining Hall

At the Pacific Hall

At the Deck

After the ship tour, we sent our host family out and then returned to get ready for the Send-off Ceremony.

The band played the music of the respective countries as the contingents disembarked.

The Administrator, Ms Kaori Shiojima

Captain Bandome

According to Port-of-Call order, all the contingents did their gangway cheers before forming up for the Send-off Ceremony.

Thailand Contingent

Lao Contingent

Indonesia Contingent

Singapore Contingent

Vietnam Contingent

Brunei Contingent

Cambodia Contingent

Myanmar Contingent

Philippine Contingent

Japan Contingent

Malaysia Contingent

Discussion Programme Facilitators

Administrative Staff, led by Deputy Administrator

Youth Leader of the Japan Contingent represented the PYs in delivering a speech.

And then we returned to the Pacific Hall, where we were issued ribbons for us to throw to our host family. 

The ribbon-throwing ceremony is such that parties of both ends of the ribbons would hold onto the ribbons as the ship leaves the port. At one point, the ribbon would tear, symbolising farewell.

Amalia was creative enough to grab hold of my white paper ribbon and wrote a message, so I retracted it and kept it with me till this day. It was a very sweet message and I guessed I would miss her calling me Kor Kor. Will always remember her telling me on the first day that she wanted to feel what it was like to have a Brother.

Was chatting with Thao until her National Leader came and said she needed to take Thao away for Contingent Meeting.

After we returned from homestay, there would be a Contingent Meeting for us to evaluate the local country programme and the homestay experience. After dinner, the Administrator and National Leaders would address any issues during the Cruise Operating Committee (COC) meeting.  

The Discussion Programme Steering Committee had our meeting after dinner. The agenda was the planning for the Discussion Programme (Presentation of Discussion Results) on 23 November. Dayanaa chaired the project, with Sijie assisting with the Technical team and myself as the Master of Ceremony for the event.

DPSC meeting at the Saloon

Solidarity Group Whiskey (SG-W) after lights-off timing

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