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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Cupcakes & Steamboat

Day 21 - 14 November 2010

Our host family had earlier informed us that the prayers at the mosque opposite our house might wake us up early in the morning. I was so soundly asleep that I didn't notice.

It was amazing to see a grape tree bearing fruit in a tropical country!

Our house

The mosque opposite our house

We had breakfast at a nearby community market.

I find the community market concept very interesting. In the morning, vendors set up their stalls (usually their lorries/vans). In the afternoon, they pack up and leave behind a community space which could be utilised for various activities.

Amalia and Aida helping us get breakfast

With my Mee Rebus (sedap sedap!)

Teh Tarik

Kakak bought some leaves to make Ketupat, and taught Hung and myself how to make one.

This Ketupat would be placed beside my bed on Fuji Maru throughout the journey

As it was Sunday, there were many activities going on.

Silat practice

For illegal immigrants to report themselves


On the way back, we saw the school which Kakak is teaching at.

In preparation for a potluck gathering later in the day, we made some cupcakes.

H for Hung

Smiley with a hat

A for SG-A



Paw print & 心 (Chinese for heart)



We then went to Tesco so that Hung could post out a letter.

This school lies on the border between Selangor & KL

For lunch, it was a potluck gathering with Abang's university friends. Abang received education in Australia and managed to establish contact with his schoolmates via facebook. 

Too beautiful for eating?

The irresistible Kway Teow

Kakak's dish


A heavy rain disrupted the TV network.

Long time since I enjoyed some cartoons

In the evening, we went to a Thai steamboat restaurant where Kakak and her fellow teacher colleagues have a year-end retreat.

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