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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Noodles Party & Star-gazing Night

Day 29 - 22 November 2010

It was the first and only full free day of the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP).

During noon assembly, Myanmar National Leader asked Participating Youths (PYs) what we would do if we were given US$300,000. And then he disclosed that the Japan Government spent this amount of money per PY for the SSEAYP programme! We did feel somewhat richer.

♥ making announcements on Ms Ao Dai contest

At 3pm, the Discussion Programme Steering Committee met at the Pacific Hall to discuss on the Discussion Programme (Presentation of Discussion Results) the next day.

Parveen tricked Mortal and I to come out to the deck to watch the moon. 

In the evening, everyone gathered at the Emerald Lounge for the Discussion Appreciation Nite.

Emcees for Appreciation Nite

After which, the Japan Participating Youths (PYs) organised a Noodles Party. They had sourced for cup noodles sponsorship and each of us had one bowl to consume. Miyako also secured sponsorship of tshirts and we wore the shirt for the party.

At 9pm, we proceeded to the Sports Deck after changing to our black shirts.

Lights were dimmed and then we immersed ourselves into the star-gazing night, with Administrative Staff giving basic Astrology lessons. Camera flash was prohibited as it would cause light pollution. Under complete darkness, the stars shone brightly. It wasn't a very starry night, but the Orion's belt was there and I could impress Mortal with the little I know about it.

Everyone laid down on the floor and gazed upwards. It was silent if not for the "lecture". It was an unforgettable moment.

The Environment (Climate Change) Discussion Group (DG) held an Eco-Night after the romantic moment.

Each DG sent a couple to compete with the rest, with their special outfit made of recyclable materials.

DG Youth Development emerged victorious!

DG Youth Development models

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