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37th SSEAYP 2010 - DG YD Party & Indonesia Night

Day 31 - 24 November 2010

During morning assembly, Japan National Leader reminded us that we were already on board Fuji Maru for 3 weeks under the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP).

Making announcements on Ms Ao Dai contest

Indonesia Participating Youths (IPYs) publicising their National Presentation

I really liked eating Japanese rice at every meal.


During Discussion Programme (Self-Evaluation by Discussion Group), we filled in the evaluation form for the Discussion Programme. As the Facilitators would all disembark in Indonesia, DG Youth Development held a mini-party.

After lunch, we continued with the Discussion Programme (Drafting of Report by each Group).

Facilitator Jay randomly played the music video of Stefanie Sun's "We Will Get There", which made us SPYs miss home. Everyone brought some snacks and drinks to share around.

DG Youth Development Loves Everyone!

The Singapore Contingent did our gangway cheer practice at the Theatre.

Scribblings by Tatum (Thailand) to show that she knows some Chinese words

I was informed that I would be working with a representative from the Vietnam Contingent to organise a "SSEAYP Got Talent!" programme. Due to time constraints, the idea was replaced with another.

Dated Mortal to the Indonesia National Presentation. We had a hearty chat at the 5th deck until we saw some PYs strolling at the 4th deck and realised that we were really late for the Indonesia National Presentation.

With Chandra (aka Obama)

After the show, the SPYs rushed to conduct our cultural practice to prepare ourselves for our national presentation.

Just before Night Call, I collected the handkerchiefs we made in Thailand.

Was chatting with cabin-mate Nomu and learnt a new Japanese phrase "Kuuki ga Yomeinai", which meant "can't understand the situation".

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