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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Sawadee-krap Thailand!

Day 25 - 18 November 2010

It is the second time we saw land since we boarded the Fuji Maru as part of our 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) journey.

In the morning, Thailand and Lao contingents hosted the joint Flag Hoisting Ceremony.

Flag bearers waiting for the command

After the flag hoisting ceremony, Solidarity Group (SG) A had our photo shoot. There, I told Mortal I had just dropped a letter into her mailbox. It was a way of confirming Mortal's guess on Angel's identity.

Singapore Contingent


SG-A Singaporeans

Fuji Maru berthed at Bangkok Port, Thailand at about 10am.

The Cruise Operating Committee (COC), comprising of National Leaders and the Administrator, met from 10am to 12 noon.

Hundreds of students welcoming us


While having lunch, National Leader Desmond and Youth Leader Zatan informed me that there would be a press conference at 1pm and I should change into my Attire A1. My watch read 12.50pm. Had to desert my lunch and cabin-mate Nom to get ready.

At the Lounge, the Administrator, Thai National Leader, Youth Leader and Assistant Youth Leader shared a few words and then the journalists went around to interview the Participating Youths that were standing around. Some journalists asked about the reason of me joining SSEAYP and what had I learnt so far.

At the Pacific Hall, there was the Orientation by the Reception Committtee. 

We then headed to the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre by SG.

We were guided by ex Thailand Participating Youths (TPYs)

During the bus-ride, we entertained ourselves with singing our national songs.

With Traffic Police escort

Embassy of Vietnam

Thai Premier Abhisit was supposed to be the gracing the event but he had another matter to attend, so he was absent.

Gift from Thailand to participating contingents

After the Courtesy Call, we proceeded to another ballroom for the Welcome Dinner. We were joined by family members of the TPYs. 

Back to the SG bus, Japan National Leader Waku-T handed me a stalk of flower and asked me to give it to Mortal. I was surprised how he knew about it but didn't accept the stalk.

Back on Fuji Maru, Waku-T said I should be up early tomorrow to send Mortal off. I smiled. And then he continued by saying that he would wake up early too...

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