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37th SSEAYP 2010 - How to be Rich?

Day 35 - 28 November 2010 

I woke up rather late on the 35th day of the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP). Was rather surprised to see the Biko having his hair cut by the barber in the house. Biko did mention to our host family that he needed a haircut, and here came the barber!

I learnt many interesting facts about Cambodia while homestaying with Biko. He mesmerised all of us with the Cambodia martial arts. According to him, there is a special class of fighters who bear tattoos all over their bodies. These fighters are invulnerable and knives can't cut through them. They are not allowed to be injected by needles, so in the event if they need blood transfusion, they would just die. It is a dangerous skill, so many elders are not passing on the trade to the younger generation.

Dancers have flexible fingers...

... and this is how Cambodian dancers stretch their fingers


Trees were bearing fruits

The "children"

Bapak Made shared two things that would make us rich: 1) The ability to make others work for you. The more the merrier. 2) Enjoy life. He even made us repeat these to him before we bade farewell.

"To be a man, you must chase your dreams"

Throughout the journey, Bapak Made said Biko would be a English language translator to the Cambodian Prime Minister & I would be Singapore's Prime Minister to motivate and encourage us to think big.

Biko did not join the tour as he had to send off his fellow contingent mate, who had to disembark from the programme due to health reasons. A few days ago, we observed a minute of silence for the hundreds of Cambodians who lost their lives over a stampede during a festive celebration. Cambodia National Leader even wept when delivering the news. It was a tough time for our dear Cambodian friends.

At the Pacific Hall

Gangway cheer by Singapore Contingent

Gangway cheer by Vietnam Contingent

Gangway cheer by Brunei Contingent

Gangway cheer by Cambodia Contingent

Gangway cheer by Myanmar Contingent

Gangway cheer by Philippines Contingent

Gangway cheer by Japan Contingent

Bapak Made and his nice paper hat

My eyes were wet when Fuji Maru left the port, mainly because I really thought I wasn't brought into the Made family by chance but by design.

As usual, we had our Contingent meeting at 5pm. After dinner, the Administrator and National Leaders attended the Cruise Operating Committee (COC) meeting.

As part of the publicity strategies for the Singapore national presentation, we had asked the other Participating Youths (PYs) to write what they miss most about home onto our notice board.


We did our national presentation rehearsal. Some of us left to rehearse for the flag hoisting ceremony.

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