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37th SSEAYP 2010 - VYL Birthday & Vietnam Night

Day 41 - 4 December 2010

I was told that the return journey northwards from Singapore to Vietnam would be a rocky one due to the sailing of the ship against the current. Indeed, it was the day when the most number of Participating Youths (PYs) of the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) suffered from seasick.

Vietnam contingent made use of the Free Day (Half Day) in the morning to rehearse and prepare for their national presentation.

After breakfast, I enrolled the help of Sijie and Ethel in my quest to install a birthday surprise. Thanks to Ethel (who was feeling seasick) who open up the cabin for Sijie and I. I remember how Sijie removed the rose petals in an instant by just breaking the whole bundle of petals from the stalk. Hmmm, must have come by with experience...

I was quite certain that the cabin had a different atmospheric pressure, because just one night after the Singapore trip, all the balloons shrank tremendously. Fortunately, they still looked like balloons...

Halfway decorating the cabin, it seemed the birthday girl was on the way back to the cabin. Big thanks to the ladies of the Singapore contingent for holding her at the lift lobby.

Once done, Sijie and I left the cabin, and I hid away from the walkway.

Publicity for Vietnam National Presentation during Noon Assembly

Solidarity Group A had lunch together and then we sang a birthday song ate the birthday cake (bought by Ethel from Singapore!)

Japan National Leader holding on to MP3 speaker playing some songs (used as a signal)

A few days ago, I asked the Administrative Staff if we could dedicate songs through the Public Announcement system at the Dining Hall but was rejected.

SG-A with Love

In the afternoon, we had Club Activity.

Just before dinner, a seasick Sijie and myself made some cheer messages for the Vietnam Contingent.

The Singapore Contingent taught PYs how to make Chinese Lanterns out of red packets. Many PYs took a rest to alleviate their seasickness.

In the evening, Vietnam PYs displayed their resilience by overcoming the turbulent waves in delivering a great national presentation.

Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts - Vovinam

Jenny singing a Vietnamese song, played by Leo

Leo playing the guitar and singing "I'm Yours"

The final of the Miss Ao Dai (Vietnam traditional costume for the ladies) was also held.

Manoly (Lao PY) crowned as Miss Ao Dai

With Rubi (VPY)

With Noinoy (LPY)

With Vietnam Assistant Youth Leader, Captain

With Tommy (VPY)

With Singer Jenny

With Lily 

Solidarity Group A with Jiale the Guru (left)

A photo with the lovely VPYs

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