Monday, May 30, 2011

37th SSEAYP 2010 - I Love You, Goodbye?

Day 48 - 11 December 2010

Forming our Solidarity Group letters during morning exercise

It was my first one-to-one breakfast with Mortal since the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) started.

Our breakfast

During morning assembly, a few of us donned the Vietnam cultural outfit to publicise the "Night of Destiny", an activity organised by the Vietnam Contingent.

We then had the Post-Programme Session III at the contingent level. We discussed on what our contingent would like to organise after SSEAYP, based on what we had benefitted from it.

There were several ideas suggested and finally we adopted the idea of collection of English books for children  in Indochina. Focusing on Corporate Social Contribution, we would write in to corporates to request for their employees to do the collection.

Most of us had a short lunch to prepare for the Solidarity Group (SG) Theater.

Poor Japan National Leader dozing off while SG A rehearsed


SG A put up a humorous version of Cinderella. Ellie (Japan) was our Cinderella before blessings from the Fairy Godmother and she did a great job of amusing everyone. She even won an award for that. Thao was the Cinderella after the beautification by the Fairy Godmother (Jack [Lao]) and she sat on the taxi, with a radio (Note [Thailand]) who sang a Japanese love song with his guitar (It was a hidden dedication to a girl in the crowd).

Bow (Thailand) did a great job being the queen beside the King, acted by Min (Myanmar). I was the Prince, who had to be separated from the Cinderella when the clock struck 12 midnight. And we ended the show by saying we would meet each other at SIGA 2011!

Scroll downwards for the full uncut SG Theater Video

Eh, isn't Santa from Europe?

For a full uncut video of the SG Theater:

This was a grand finale of the series of SG Activity programmes, and it also reminded us how close we were to the end of the programme. The SG Activity sub-committee, led by PG (Philippines), created a platform for SG members to bond and for friendships to develop. We would always remember PG's "Control your emotions~" tagline.

The Singapore Contingent had a meeting at the Theatre. We were informed that flu virus was spreading around and we should put on a mask to prevent further spreading.

Multipurpose Mask

Love messages

Discussion Group (Food & Nutrition)'s "Oishi" activity & Thailand/Lao contingents' Loy Krathong Festival

Singapore Contingent offering Kaya Biscuits during Oishi activity

Creative Krathong made from paper cup and decorative petals

And of course, the Krathongs did not have to land themselves in the ocean.

The Youth Leaders were all engaged in preparatory meetings for the Farewell Party. 

Went with my cabin mate, Ade (Indonesia), to watch the Filipino movie "I Love You, Goodbye", a tragic love show with an unexpected ending...

5 more days to Goodbye. Would it be a goodbye?

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