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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Motorcycle Riding

Day 45 - 8 December 2010

This was the last day of the final homestay programme of the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP). A short morning shower was most appropriate to freshen up after a humid night.

What else but SSEAYP would provide the platform for over 300 youths to be showered with the love from over 600 families in 6 different countries?

Ba Mao had a surprise breakfast preparation for us. He and his daughter-in-law would fetch us to have Pho for breakfast via.... motorcycles!!!

My first time being a pillion rider

I had only taken the first lesson on motorcycle riding had since KIVed the subsequent ones. Riding within the driving school was one thing. Being a pillion rider on the roads of Vietnam was an adventure!

Vehicles could U-turn anywhere, move in opposing directions and beat traffic lights. Horns were used to signal presence rather than exude anger. To a foreigner, the roads were chaotic but to the road-user, this was a natural traffic flow. I guess this sort of reflected the versatility, patience and the drive in the Vietnamese people.

Pho Ga (Chicken Rice Noodles)


We met a journalist who interviewed the family when we were back to the house.

Photo taken by Journalist

Our names appeared on Vietnamese news portal

While the family was preparing lunch, Em Nhung took Neng and I out to a departmental store for our last shopping opportunity.

Hmmm, an intimate couple in the background...

As this was our last Port-of-Call before returning to Japan, coupled with the inexpensive products, we stocked up ourselves with tidbits and snacks. Also managed to purchase a watch as a gift to Mortal who broke her watch not too long ago.

Our bedroom

Our Last Lunch before leaving

Truly appreciate the efforts put in by our host family in providing the best cultural immersion and experience in Vietnam. Dishes that took hours to prepare triggered more than just taste buds.

On the way back to Fuji Maru

As usual, we boarded Fuji Maru and changed to Attire A2 for the ship tour.

Thanks Thu for joining us most of the time

At the Pacific Hall

At the Emerald Lounge

It was at the Emerald Lounge where some Vietnam Participating Youths (PYs) joined us and had a conversation with Ba Mao that we found out Ba Mao was in the Special Force in Police. We then realised we could most probably be the safest PYs since we have policemen with us all the time. 

Sending-off Ceremony

Singapore Youth Leader Zatan made a touching speech to wrap up the homestay programmes

Thanks Thu for the special arrangments made to meet me!

A great homestay buddy

Contingent meetings followed up next.

Filling in evaluation forms for Vietnam homestay

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