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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Revisiting a Different Ho Chi Minh City 10 years later

Day 42 - 5 December 2010

We were reaching our final Port-of-call before returning to Japan, 11 days before the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) came to an end.

Getting ready for the Flag Hoisting Ceremony hosted by Vietnam Contingent

During the ceremony, Vietnam immigration officers, clad in their green uniforms, were already on board.

At about 10am, Fuji Maru reached Ho Chi Minh city. Ho Chi Minh city brings back pleasant memories as I remember my visit there 10 years ago with my Secondary school. I fell ill on board the plane and could not enjoy the first day of the trip. A school teacher bought lots of Coca-cola for me to drink and I recovered after one night's sleep.

The port

Vietnam youths did a unique cheer for each of the 11 participating countries of SSEAYP

As time passes, more and more youths gathered at the port for the welcome ceremony. Buses arrived one after another and it seemed that there was no end to the number of youths gathering to welcome the Participating Youths (PYs). Happy to see Nhung amongst the youth volunteers.

During lunch, I met Kim Quang, the leader of the SKY 2010 participants who visited Singapore in August 2010. Looked forward to meeting my host sister, Nhung and Thu.

Briefing by Reception Committee

With gangway partner


The sun was torching, but the enthusiasm of the local youths just rose along with the temperature. It was one of the warmest (literally and metaphorically) reception we'd received thus far. The passion of the youth was encouraging and inspiring. We later learnt that thousands of local youths applied to be volunteers for SSEAYP.

Singapore contingent was the second last to disembark Fuji Maru. As we marched to our seats at the Saigon Port Quay, local youths helped us don our hats. That made a great and useful gift.

Speech by Mr Pham Ngoc Quynh, General Secretary of Vietnamese National Youth Committee

Saw Host sister Thu

 We were drenched by the time the ceremony ended. Due to a tight schedule, we quickly changed out of our A2 attires and into our national attire.

Then by Solidarity Groups (SGs), we left for our Welcome Dinner at Ho Chi Minh City Meeting Hall.

At Ho Chi Minh City Meeting Hall

After dinner, we were led into the Grand hall.

Met Thu, SKY host sister

Hundreds of local youths took the gallery seats

Performance by Thailand Contingent

Performance by Myanmar Contingent

Performance by Indonesia Contingent

Performance by Vietnam Contingent

Finale where everyone joined in the singing of a SSEAYP song

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