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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Cultural Fashion Show

Day 46 - 9 December 2010

The morning was a Free Day (Half day) for us, but many contingents organised activities. Indonesia Participating Youths (PYs) screened "Garuda di Dadaku", a movie about a boy's passion in soccer and how he overcame objection from his Grandfather to pursue his dream of being a football player.

Mortal and I left the show towards the end of the movie as the seasickness set in the theatre.

Japanese Participating Youths, on the other hand, organised a rice cake making session at the Sun Deck.
On Board Ship Cruise (OBSC) representatives introduced themselves at Morning Assembly

The OBSC representatives were mainly ex-PYs who came on board in Vietnam. They would introduce the SSEAYP alumni organisations to their respective country's PYs. They also led the Post-Programme Discussion sessions.

A very comfortable spot for a nap

After lunch, we had Solidarity Group (SG) Activity.

Cabin mate Nom explaining the rules and regulations

Cultural Fashion Show: Using different national attires, the SGs suited up their models with a creative fusion of cultures.

Impersonation Show: Basically means cross-dress.

Decorating Nom for Impersonation show

He is wearing an Indian Sari

"What a difficult job to beautify this hunk"

Nom for SG A!

Singapore Youth Leader "Ms" Zatan

The "fallen" (as a result of seasickness)

Hi Jack! (not meant to be read as hijack)

Bas representing SG A in Cultural Fashion Show as male model

Ethel representing SG A in Cultural Fashion Show as female model

For Cultural Fashion Show, we had those with good cultural bods:

The "go-simple-look-good":

The "Winter-wear" groups:


The King & Queen groups:

Judges (OBSC Reps) having a hard time

For Impersonation showtime, we had the animated ones:

Those with exaggerating bods and curves:

SG  A!

The successful transvestites:

SG A won the Impersonation contest!

In the evening, Thailand contingent screened "Shutter" at the theatre. There was a best-dressed contest...

Just in case the toilet runs out of toilet paper

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