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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Singapore Lights at Malaysia Night

Day 18 - 11 November 2010

During Discussion Programme (Group Discussion V), DG Youth Development presented our first DG Assignment - a 5 minutes creative presentation on "With all the problems in our community, how can youth create a change in the community or area?"

Korn (Thailand) acting as a child that went astray

Jun Yi explaining

Jed: "Someone sees a need and do something. Then it inspires others to join in."

Preparing for my turn to act

My group (consisting of Kota, Ain, Sarah, Isa and myself) presented a skit that showcases "Teach for America", a concept Kota hopes to implement in Japan.

Facilitator Jay also shared to us about Community Organising, mobilising people to develop capability and readiness to respond and take action on their immediate needs towards solving their long term problems.

We then formed small groups to come up with possible campaigns.

Malaysian cuisine was served over lunch and after which we had our Club Activities.

Before proceeding to the respective venues to participate in the Club Activities, everyone would gather in the Pacific Hall to see what activities are going on for the day.

Cambodia: Monkey Dance & Ribbon flower making

Japan: Tea Ceremony

Japan: Cosplay

Club Activities provided great opportunities to make gifts and collect souvenirs. At the Lao Club Activity, I designed a bag...

Bag sponsored by Lao-Singapore Business College

Missed home a lot, so designed my bag with the chinese character for Home, "家" (jia).

At the Cambodia Club Activity, I didn't manage to learn how to make the double-ribbon rose, so instead I took a pink ribbon and make a single-ribbon rose for Mortal. Interestingly, Mortal managed to make a double-ribbon rose as a gift for me, haha!

After dinner, I swopped my national costume with cabin mate Ade (Indonesia).

With Ade

With SG-mates

The Malaysia National Presentation focused on multiracialism and multiculturalism, with ethnic dances and fusion dances.

Malaysia's Independence Monument

Ending the show with the catchy "Truly Asia" tune

With gangway partner

With Korn (Thailand)

With Bow and Moon (Thailand)

With Khai (Malaysia)

With Touy (Lao)

With Lily (Vietnam)

Didn't manage to have a photo with Mortal, who had rushed back to change out for her Contingent meeting.

Fuji Maru was at the south of Singapore! Fellow Singapore Participating Youths (SPYs) went busy making phone calls back home, tapping onto local Telco signal. It's comforting to know that everything back home was OK.

Singapore shone brightly at night. If not for the pirate threats along the sea route, we would be able to admire the scenery at the deck.

Received three letters from Mortal today, the highest number so far. And a secret to be revealed when the sun rises...

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