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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Deepavali Night

Day 13 - 6 November 2010

Morning Exercise at the Sports Deck

The Discussion Programme (Introductory Programme) commenced right after the morning assembly.

Contingent cheers

Basil (Philippines) and Miao (Vietnam) were the Masters of Ceremony and led everyone in some games before the presentations.

Each contingent was given about 10 minutes (including Q&A) to present on "Youth Participation in Social Activities" in our respective countries.

The Malaysia Contingent shared about the various youth organisations in Malaysia and promoted the upcoming "One Million Youth Gathering", which would be held at Putrajaya in May 2011.

Malaysia Contingent

Lao P.D.R. contingent presented on the SANTI Volunteer Association, an NGO from Japan, and its activities in Lao.

Japan contingent shared on Youth Ending Hunger (YEH), which  comprised fund-raising activities and educational activities (stand up, take action). They also presented on the Youth For Understanding (YFU), helping youth orientate and understand about studying overseas.

During lunch time, our Japan friends did a publicity stunt for their national presentation on the next day.

Basil (Philippines), a University Lecturer, talked about "Bringing the School to the Badjaos", canoe classroom for Tawi-Tawi's sea gypsies.

Sijie presented on the Earth Hour campaigns in Singapore.

The Vietnam contingent showcased a video production on its food culture. In it there was a message that goes: "You are young, but your heart needs not be young."

The Introductory Programme ended earlier than expected, giving some time before dinner for exercise. Went jogging with fellow contingent mates. While jogging, saw Mortal and her friends doing some light exercises. That spurred me on to run faster and cover more laps...

In the evening, Singapore and Malaysia Participating Youths (SPYs & MaPYs) organised a Deepavali Night during the Voluntary Activity timeslot to bring the festive celebration on board. 

SPYs turned up in our ethnic Indian costumes.

With Buddy Zatan

With Gangway Partner, Jun Yi

The gentlemen

The ladies

The event began with an explanation of the Festival, followed by a fashion show and Indian dance performance.

Jed prepared about 10 simple Indian dance steps for the audience to dance together. This included "fixing the light bulb" movement, "wiping the window" step, among other interesting ones, and summing the dance up with the "Carousel", which involved using both hands to hold on to a partner, lean backwards and do the spin.

Indian Dance!

Some things should never be left to chance. Glad I managed to inch my way to my Mortal and share a dance with her during the Carousel :p

Jenny (Vietnam) came to say 'hi' and told me we were Facebook friends before SSEAYP. She helped me recall by describing her profile photo. Could always remember this very interesting first encounter!

With Lily & Jenny

Our Youth Development Discussion Group (DG) Facilitator, Jay, screened a movie "Coach Carter" for the DG members after Deepavali Night. Watched the show until 11.30pm and was chased out by the National Leaders who were doing their night patrol.

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