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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Selamat Datang di Malaysia

Day 19 - 12 November 2010

Mortal's "secret" wasn't a pleasant one after all. In fact, it would bug the Angel for the large part of the SSEAYP journey.

We had the flag observance ceremony hosted by Malaysia in the Pacific Hall.

Fuji Maru reached West Port, Port Klang at about 10am. While the Administrator and National Leaders were having their Cruise Operating Committee (COC) meeting, the Participating Youths (PYs) had our free time. Many of us were at the deck, eager to greet our hosts as well as to see land.

Reception Committee members & Immigration Officers boarding Fuji Maru

After lunch, we had an Orientation by the Reception Committee on the Local Country Programme.

The Japan PYs (JPYs) distributed some sponsored gifts to all of us.

Tissue paper & medication for mosquito bites

Then, we left for Institutional Visit by our Discussion Group (DG). DG Youth Development visited the International Youth Centre at Kuala Lumpur.

The Director of IYC, Dato' Raja Ruslan Bin Raja Samah gave us an overview of the history of the organisation and its functions. IYC is an agency under the Ministry of Youth & Sports. The centre houses several international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) like the Asian Youth Council and KABESA. It offers subsidised rates for venue rental for NGOs and youth.

IYC's core business is to plan, design and implement international youth programmes, collaborate with international and national NGOs, as well as organising selected national programmes for the youth. Its youth programmes include Crime Prevention among youth.

In Malaysia, youth refers to those aged between 15 to 40 years old.

Gift exchange from IYC Director to Facilitator Jay

Gift Exchange from Facilitator Jay to IYC Director

Liked the quote: "Where youth gather be there happiness"

Refreshments were served and PYs get to interact with the local youths, mostly still studying in high schools.

Next, we left for Putrajaya for the Interaction with Local Youth over dinner.

At the Ministry of Youth & Sports building

Cultural Performance by Thailand Contingent

Cultural Performance by Lao Contingent

Cultural Performance by Indonesia Contingent

Cultural Performance by Singapore Contingent

Cultural Performance by Vietnam Contingent

Cultural Performance by Brunei Contingent

Cultural Performance by Cambodia Contingent

Cultural Performance by Philippine Contingent

Cultural Performance by Japan Contingent

Cultural Performance by Malaysia Contingent

Cultural Performance by Local Youths

Fuji Maru looked magnificent in the dark.

Selamat Malam, Malaysia~

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