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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Ship Tour & Japan Night

 Day 14 - 7 November 2010

It was the Flag Observance Ceremony of Brunei Darussalam & the Kingdom of Cambodia in the morning. It was held indoors due to wet weather.

During morning assembly, the National Leaders each represented their contingents in wishing the Japan Contingent a big success for their National Presentation in the evening.

The Discussion Programme (Group Discussion I) kicked off thereafter. Youth Development Discussion Group (DG) met at the Veranda, a venue that was more conducive than the Theater for discussion. 

One of our pre-programme individual assignment was to bring along an item that best described us. My item, a gift received at the PAP Community Foundation (Eunos) Teachers' Day Dinner this year, was a badge with a cartoon image of a young boy. I picked it because it reminded me that there would always be a part of me that would be young, playful and innocent no matter how I age on the outside.

Ukkari used a file that was given by her friends during the Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit in 2008. Jack brought a weaving scarf and shared that his mother was a weaver. Jun Yi brought along a Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Badge, which represented her passion in sports. Jed's was his camera which he loves to use it to capture sports events. Sai's was a guitar, which he would play sad songs with when he's sad. Lily's was a candy, which represented her being a small girl in a big world and her sweetness. Wei Siang brought a Swiss Knife, showcasing his "jack-of-all-trades" trait. Naga brought along her Indian sari. Mark brought his Avatar DVD, which reflected his adventurous nature. Nan's was a Myanmar-English Dictionary. Tatum's was an elephant magnet, which reflected high-class posture. Ain brought her Taekwondo black belt, sharing about the discipline required for the martial arts. Tommy's was the Vietnam state flag, with the meaning that he would strive hard for his country. Ekyn's was a Scouts scarf. Andy brought a scarf and shared about his interest in international clothings. Kota brought a wristband, which he received when he won the championship in a sports game. Chandra brought a Rubik Cube, and told us that everything is possible to him. Sean brought photographs and shared that he liked taking spy shots. Kola's was his marriage ring. JC's was a shadow doll made from cow skin, which displayed Southern Thai culture. Chester loves travelling. Isa's soccer ball told us about his passion for the sport. Megat brought a Songkok. Aroma's was a scarf. Chisato's and Hung's speakers told us about his love for music and dance. Laura's photo album told us of her memories. Okta's earrings showcased her inner beauty. Sarah's handphone reflected that being mobile was about community and the people. Zul brought a 1Malaysia pin. Jane brought Lao currency and said that there are always 2 sides to an issue and she was conscious and deliberative. Korn brought a card that he signed for abstinence from sex before marriage. Nisa's a book as she loved reading and he believed that you are what you read. She also brought a harmonica and played a tune for us. Nicole brought her pink handphone. Sheng brought her purse. Nas brought his syringe as he's a nurse. Khun brought a shirt.

That was a great session to help us understand one another better. In our small group discussion, some of us asked if we would give our item to anyone we like on board, and everyone said we would.

We also had an ice-breaker, "Walk left, Walk right", which went like this:

"As we walk to the left and we walk to the right, as we walk, as we walk, as we walk all night. With the heels and toes and half turn around, with the heels and the toes and a new friend found"

After each time singing that, we would exchange our partners and ask questions to find out more about one another. I asked the same question to everyone: "how many siblings do you have?" and I was very amazed that almost all of them are either the eldest or the youngest sibling in their families.

And Korn (Thailand) humoured us with his "I Love Everyone" hand sign:

"I Love Everyone" over lunch

During the days when we had national presentation, the local food dishes of the country presenting on that day would be served during lunch. And for this day, we had Tempura!

Each Solidarity Group (SG) was given a ship tour to explore the Captain's steering room and the navigation system.

Plaque from Singapore Contingent 2009

Since we were the first group to tour the ship, we had plenty of free time thereafter. That's when some of us met randomly and shared about our romance on board.

The Singapore Participating Youths (SPYs) had our contingent meeting from 5pm to dinner time.

After dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful show presented by the Japan Contingent.

Japan PYs (JPYs) used calligraphy to write each of the 11 countries' names in Japanese language.

Kizuna, or bond, was the theme for the JPYs this year:


Taiko Drum

Pop Dance


Naruto Performance

Soran Dance (from Hokkaido)

With the SPYs

In Yukata (Japanese costume), a gift from my cabin-mate

Yes, they're sandals!

With gangway partner

With Buddy!

With Bow (Thailand)

With Singapore National Leader

With Jenny, Lily & Thao 

With fellow PAYM-mate

With Atchan!

After Japan national presentation, some of the SPYs went jogging at the deck. Jogging really helped to kill homesickness. Meanwhile, the Thailand PYs (TPYs) were having a guitar party.

It was great to keep receiving written replies from Mortal. And today, after receiving an Angel's gift, Mortal asked if I would like to have Vietnamese coffee...

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