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37th SSEAYP 2010 - SG Flag-making & Brunei Night

Day 15 - 8 November 2010

Mortal gave me a satchet of Vietnamese coffee along with a letter. Think she might have had a clue about my identity. But isn't that the point?

Fairuz brought Qigong Shi Ba Shi (Qigong Eighteen Styles) to SSEAYP!

During morning exercise, all the Participating Youths (PYs) had a taste of Qigong along with the serene music.

We also played the money game where the male PYs were labelled 50cents & the female PYs were labelled $1. When the game master called out a certain value, we had to get into the correct groupings which reflected the correct value.

During morning assembly, there was an announcement for us to adjust our watches to +1 hour at midnight. Hurray! That translated to an additional hour of sleep time!

During our Discussion Programme (Group Discussion II), Facilitator Jay shared with us about ASEAN Community 2015, showing an animated video that showed the 3Ps - Peace, Prosperity & People.

We had a mini ice-breaker, a mimicking game, where we formed a circle and mimicked the actions of the person beside us and passed the actions to the next person in line.

At this session, we presented our pre-programme assignment on what are the pressing issues facing the youth of our countries.

For Japan, it was the decreased in motivation towards work among youth. Measures taken against this problem were trial week (1 week of work) and career design classes. Another issue was the lack of global talents, in that lesser youth were eager to work/study abroad.

For Cambodia, issues were youth & drug, youth & HIV/AIDS, youth & education. The Cambodia PYs shared about the saying, "Bamboo should grow up to be Bamboos" to state the importance of rehabilitation and opportunities for youth.

Lao P.D.R. Contingent shared on the Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union (LPRYU).

For Lao P.D.R., the problems that youth face were Youth Health - especially on drug issues.

For Thailand, drugs and exposure to sexual media were two pertinent issues that youth face.

Malaysia PYs shared about Barisan Nasional and National Youth Day. National Youth Day is held from 15 May to 15 June annually.

For Indonesia, low social participation of youth is an issue. 30% of the youth are unemployed and there is only 6% participation of youth in political parties. Indonesia PYs also shared about the Sentani Commitment (2004) on HIV/AIDS.

At times, the Discussion gets too dry...

Vietnam PYs shared about the lack of social awareness among youth as an issue facing the nation. They also shared with us about Military Terms (classes), which are youth camps.

For Brunei, unemployment and changing mindsets among youth (lack of focus) were the top issues raised.

For Philippines, education, underemployment (due to job mismatch) and environment awareness were the issues raised.

For Myanmar, political stability (transition from military government to democracy) and gender equality were causes for concern.

For Singapore, I had the honour of presenting about my youth organisation, People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM), to the Discussion Group (DG). I talked about the recent plans to set up Residents' Committee Youth Chapter (RCYC) to engage and reach out to youth. Jed shared about Cyber Wellness initiatives in Singapore. After the presentation, we distributed the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (SYOG) wrist band and PAYM brochures to our DG-mates.

Brunei cuisine was offered during lunch. Scooping the "chicken in tomato sauce" dish, I wished so much that it was curry instead!

After lunch, we had our first Solidarity Group (SG) Activity! 

We made our SG flags!

Flag using Yuji's left palm & my right palm


The second activity is to form the longest chain.

Thanks to the position of SG-A (at the left side), we could throw our clothes to our comrades at the bottom who were representing us in the game.

Without a doubt, SG-A emerged victorious!

Then there was the game that required several of us to squeeze onto the newspapers.

The last game was the Acid Game, in which we were given a few pieces of papers to use as the bridge for us to cross the river.

Thank goodness, I had the chance to hold and support my Mortal as my Mortal crosses the river with me!

Went jogging with Vania while listening to my iPod and singing out loud. Thanks Vania for being the sufferer.

Brunei National Presentation was held after dinner.

The attire for Brunei Darussalam Night was the colours of the Brunei flag - Black, White, Red, Yellow.

With Buddy!

With Gangway Partner

With DG-mate

With Bruneian SG-mates

 While chatting with Korn at the lobby, got to meet Noon & Aom.

Some of the Singapore Contingent mates had a dance practice to prepare themselves for the port-of-call performance in Malaysia. To show our "support" for them, those who had already performed in Japan ate cup noodles while watching them dance.

At night, had a long conversation with cabin-mates while doing my daily ritual of letter-writing. Got to know more about the Master's research that Nom was doing.

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