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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Paper Heart Making & Cambodia Night

Day 16 - 9 November 2010

Japanese word for Tuesday is "火" (fire). Today's certainly a fiery day... 

It had become a tradition for National Leaders to cheer the contingent which was showcasing their national presentation on that day. This day, the National Leaders came together on stage to send their well wishes to the Cambodia contingent. One by one, the National Leaders cheered using their native languages.

The contingents which were conducting club activities later in the afternoon took their turns on stage to publicise their activities.

Singapore Can Recycling Activity

Philippines Sinulog Dance


♥ Vietnam Massage 

Vietnam Manicure

During the Discussion Programme (Group Discussion III) for Youth Development Discussion Group (DG), we focused on media issues. First we had a debate over the topic on Media Censorship. Of the 40+ members, only about 10 felt strongly against media censorship. The debate was a free flow of ideas and constructive arguments.

I particularly liked some of the points raised by the proponents. Someone mentioned that the purpose of censorship was to protect, not to control. Another mentioned that censorship helped draw the line between morality and freedom. Could we guarantee that a responsible press? If yes, could we guarantee the same for all people?

We talked about the relation between social media and the youth today and if we saw a disadvantage using such medium.

And last but not least, we discussed the influence of Western Media on Asian youth, whether Asian Culture could survive the emerging influence of the Western lifestyle and the role of Asian media in preserving local cultures.

I vaguely remember that there were many vegetable dishes served as Cambodian cuisine over lunch...

After lunch, everyone assembled at the Pacific Hall for a briefing on the Club Activities on line-up for the day.

I made the Sky Lounge my first stop. 

Vietnamese candies

After striving hard with no results doing the ceramic wristlets, I went to have my hand massaged. Thanks to Parveen, I managed to get myself the correct maseur.

♥ Vietnamese Hand Massage 

After a relaxing time at the Sky Lounge, headed over to the Emerald Lounge where the Thailand Club Activity was held.

After painstakingly done up the flower necklace

Next to Singapore Club Activity at the Veranda.

Each of the 11 contingents helped collected aluminium cans and brought them on board Fuji Maru. The cans would be used to construct a Fuji Maru model during the country programme in Singapore.

At our club activity, fellow Participating Youths (PYs) would cut the aluminium cans, and pen down their messages on the inner surface. These messages would then form part of the body of the Fuji Maru model.

PYs penning their messages on the aluminium cut-out

Concurrently, there was also the Paper Heart Making activity.

After making the paper hearts, PYs wrote messages on the hearts and pinned them up.

How I wished there could be more time for Club Activity programme. Didn't manage to participate in every activity that day.

SG A Noticeboard up!

Apples inspired from our Apple-picking at Morioka

And the nurses had also found some space to put up their "noticeboard""

Had dinner before changing up for Cambodia Night:

It was a splendid coincidence that this day was also the Independence Day of Cambodia.

Monkey Dance

A humorous romantic play

The dress code for Cambodia Night was Attire B/National Costume. I exchanged mine with Bas-chan's Filipino attire.

♥ She's wearing the Vietnamese Ao Dai 

He's wearing the Vietnamese attire

With my gangway partner

Patrick (2nd from left) wearing Thai attire

Singapore youth attire?

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