Saturday, March 24, 2007

Temasek Idol 2007

Went back to my Alma mater, Temasek Junior College at 6.30pm to attend the Temasek Idol 2007 competition. Stepping into the school, old memories kept pouring into my mind. The furniture and the interior looked exactly like that in 2003, when I first entered the school, less the lift near the auditorium.

I made my way straight to the auditorium, since roaming around the college in home clothing would not be a wise idea.

At the entrance, the student councillor chopped a 30 year anniversary logo on my hand, and passed me a goody bag.

The goody bag comprised of discount vouchers, arm bands, 2 bottles of NEWater, postcards, pamphlets as well as the programme sheet. In 2004, the first Temasek Idol had no sponsors. In 2007, the sponsors included Mr Bean, The Wallet Shop, PUB, Chapter 2, The Cocoa Tree, Mark Music.

The student photographers brought back memories of my previous stint in the TJC photographic society. Now, students are equipped with the latest digital SLR cameras.

The ticket stated 6.30pm but the programme commenced slightly after 7pm.

I was seated just beside Arthi's fans. They were the smallest portion of her fan but appeared the loudest (and highest in terms of pitch). The auditorium was filled with a very high spirit, and it was fun to be involved in it. The audience nearly brought the whole auditorium down with their constant scream and shrieking for their idols.

The panel of judges comprised of 2 General Paper (GP) tutors from TJC, and a special guest -- Alex Tan from Project Superband's J3 band. He also performed a song by Cao Ge.

Actually intended to take a picture with this Alex, but he hurriedly left the auditorium when the results were announced. He happened to be a friend of my cousins, who supported him and his team during the Project Superband competition.

My mobile phone's camera didn't seem to perform optimally in dark conditions. Anyway, the group category comprised of Quaver, Kita, Sarah and Zhi Wei, and SPZ.

The solo category comprised of Arthi, Imran, Gordon and Xiang Yun.

The whole programme could have been perfect if not for this fogging machine which was so badly programmed that it obscured some of the singers.

It created a smokescreen on stage ...

which then also permeated throughout the auditorium...

and worried some people.

The overall solo and group champions are Arthi and Quaver respectively. Voting was done via SMS.

Quaver shook the whole audience with the song "Immortal" by Evanescence, while Arthi did her song with a clear and passionate voice.

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  1. Oh, Temasek Idol is still going on? That's cool. (I was from the '03 batch.)

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    Sorry for the shameless advert here ^^ But gotta make an effort to repopulate the forum yeah? ;) Hope to see you...



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