Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Monk Scam

I was awakened by the conversation between my Mother and a Monk at the door. The Monk was soliciting donations from my Mother. Finding it strange, I stayed stealthily near the door and listen to the conversation.

My Mother had wanted to give S$4 to the Monk, after the Monk gave her a card and a red charm. When the Monk see the S$4, he put a wristband on her and requested for S$20 since the wristband is worth at least that value. When this happened, my Mother stared at me and hinted for help.

So I came to the door. The Monk greeted me with Amitabha. I returned his kindness.

YK: May I know where are you from?

Monk: Toa Payoh

YK: Shaolin temple (no such temple exists in that area)?

Monk: Ya, ya.

YK: Can monks ask for donations from door to door?

Monk: Yes.

YK: So can I check with my neighbourhood police post regarding this matter?

Monk: Yes, yes. I went there just now too.

So off I went to make a call to my friendly neighbourhood police post. The police officer told me that monks would require a permit to request for donations. When I got back to the door, the Monk had long been gone.

I also learnt from my Mother that in the donation booklet that the Monk presented to her, there were entries of S$50. Damn that Monk. Called the police again and the officer gathered some information, then sent some policemen to patrol the area.

These are the items that the Monk gave us. He played with religion to cheat others of their hard-earned money. So indespicable.

May all the dollars and cents being cheated be converted to stones, and may these be casted upon this unethical Monk!

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