Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The maids that ran away

My Uncle is having a hard time now. His maid had requested for permission to return to the Phillipines to visit her sick family member. She said it would only take 3 days. That was 2 weeks ago.

Now my Uncle has to take care of his toddler daughter and his work. Kindness to the maid didn't get reciprocated back to him.

Maid runaway incident has happened to me too. More than 10 years ago, a Filipino maid that my family had, mentioned that she needed to return to her village to visit her aged parents. My parents gave her some money to bring along. That was the last time we ever see her again.

My Aunt who popped by my house told me that she knew of one maid who tortured the old folks at home by pinching them on their hind neck, the part that is hidden by the hair. When the family got to know of that, it was already too late. There was swells and sores.

She continued to talk about maids who add "extra ingredients" into food and feed their employers, in hope that they would listen to her after they eat those food. The most disgusting ingredient I heard of would be menstrual blood. *Puke...

Luckily, the maid that is currently taking care of my Grandmother is a good one. She is very patient, and even learned our dialect and communicate with my Grandmother with dialect.

There can only be two types of maids. One that cares for the money, and one that cares for the people. I have seen how maids cry with my relatives when they lost their dearest. I have seen how maids understand my Grandmother more than her other children do. And yet, there are always maids that do the vanishing act.

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