Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rich Dad's Advisor : Blair Singer

At 10.30am, I attended a seminar conducted by the renowned Sales Communication Specialist, Blair Singer.

Blair Singer had arrived in Singapore to share a franchising opportunity to Singaporeans. He is going to train trainers who could represent him to go into business firms or companies to help them increase their sales. These 40 franchisees will join other global franchisees in SalesPartner.

In his seminar, Blair Singer mentioned about the ingredients in creating a successful business.

He went emotional when he talked about his reasons for setting up this training business. You would be able to see his passion and strong determination. As he had seen his own business go down and up and down and up, and finally reach to the number one position, and then again shrink into skeleton, he did not want other entrepreneurs to be facing that predicament ever again. If he had the knowledge and skillset, and he did not pass this on to businesses to help them succeed, then he would be in the wrong. Hence he started up a training career and is now franchising his knowledge and skillset.

Blair Singer authorised a book for me and also joined us in a phototaking session.

Friendly Blair Singer with Jiing Huey and Yoong Kheong

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