Thursday, November 05, 2009

PCF Eunos Graduation Concert 2009

31 October 2009

Nursery and Kindergarten students danced to celebrate at the PCF Eunos Graduation Concert 2009, as the batch of K2 students graduates to enter Primary One next year. It was held at the Eunos Community Club Multipurpose Hall.

PCF stands for PAP Community Foundation, and is popularly known as "PAP Kindergarten".

Preparations for the concert started more than 6 months ago. The theme had to be chosen, dances have to be choreographed. For the first time ever, all the K2 students from the different centres performed together on stage together. Imagine the amount of coordination required!

As early as a month ago, PCF Eunos begun the concert rehearsals. I'm honoured to be the Master of Ceremony, working together with the 2 children emcees - Audrey and Mattheus.

On Saturday afternoon, the concert was to start at 2pm, but eager parents entered the hall as early as 12.45pm.

Mattheus checking out the Graduation certificates

Hip Hop dance team, Lil Fusion Crew, hyped up the tempo before the Adviser for the concert organising committee, Mr Abdul Aziz PBM, delivered his opening address. The Guest-of-Honour is Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Chairman for PCF Eunos. In his speech, he shared about how PCF Eunos places heavy importance on early childhood education. New centres would be built in the neighbourhood, including SparkleTots for pre-nursery children.

After the presentation of Graduation certificates and class photo-taking, the entire hall went through a time machine, Back to the '70s.

Featuring multiracial dances to the tunes of chinese, malay and indian songs, as well as songs from the movie Mama Mia!, parents were surprised and proud of their children's artistic expressions.

The climax was the K2 grand performance - "I have a dream" sung by all the K2 children from all the centres. It was so great that an encore was held, with PCF staff, PCF Management Committee members, led by Mr Zainul.

We stayed on stage and proceeded to the finale item, a dance along to the song Dancing Queen!

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