Monday, November 16, 2009

23rd Birthday

10 November 2009

I wonder who founded the concept of "birthdays". Whoever did it developed a flawed way of celebrating it. Have you wondered why isn't the focus of celebration on the Mother instead of on the child, given that the Mother conceived the child for 9 months and perhaps endured a few hours of pain during labour?

Anyway, I refused to celebrate my birthday this year, given the many grievous events. Mother, Baohui and I went to MacDonald's for a simple dinner (also to earn some Monopoly stickers).

Mother bought my favourite cake from Four Leaves. The chocolate sensation with the foamy cream and the crispy base would easily entice anyone.

And I'm holding to a gigantic pod, plucked by my Mother from our beanstalk.

Thanks to Baohui for constructing a red hot plane model & Hock Rong for giving me my first horizontally striped polo-tee.

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