Monday, November 16, 2009

Eunos Zone '2' & '3' RC LUP Launching Ceremony cum Eunos Zone '3' RC 26th Anniversary

13 November 2009

The event title is really a mouthful but the long text of the title represents the importance of this event to the residents of Eunos Zone '2' and '3'. The Housing Development Board (HDB) Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) is finally here for the residents!

Preparation for the HDB LUP took months of liaison between grassroots leaders and HDB. In order for the LUP to kick off, 75% residents of the block must cast their votes, out of which there must be a majority that want the lifts.

There were 2 blocks of flats in Eunos Zone '3' that only had 15 eligible voters each. With the small number of voters, it meant that if a good 6 families did not turn up, there will be no lift upgrading for those blocks. As such, grassroots leaders from the Residents' Committee (RC) visited the residents, house-to-house, to encourage them to participate in the voting.

So much for the controversy whether the Opposition MP or the grassroots Adviser should announce the LUP in the recent Hougang case. My personal opinion is that the Adviser should be the one to do the announcement, since it is the grassroots volunteers who are doing the groundwork, from informing residents of the LUP to organising the launching ceremony. The successes of so many LUPs could not be possible without the support from the grassroots Advisers and the many volunteers.

The Guest-of-Honour was Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and MP for Aljunied GRC (Eunos Division). Also present was HDB Deputy CEO (Building), Mr Sng Cheng Keh and Eunos Citizens' Consultative Committee Chairman Mr Sim Wai Chin BBM.

Mr Zainul officiated the launch of the LUP and then the voting commenced.

Eunos Zone '3' RC prepared a series of entertaining programme for the residents who were waiting for their turn to vote.

In my course of helping out at this LUP, I learnt a lot about this programme by the HDB. HDB provides heavy subsidy to the LUP. The Town Council also pays a sum equal to what the HDB dweller pays. So for a 5-room flat, the owner of a unit just pays $900+. This payment can be made on an instalment basis, for up to two years.

However, not all flats are eligible for LUP, if the costs were deemed to be too high (cost per unit). That's when the Town Council's LUP comes in. That night, Aljunied Town Council also held its Lift Upgrading Programme voting for Blk 620 Bedok Reservoir Road, which was not eligible for the HDB LUP scheme.

I was surprised to see Ley Boon at the launch, since she was there despite assuming no duties.

To mark the end of a wonderful night, Mr Zainul, together with grassroots leaders and residents, sang the Eunos Song - Ai Pia Jia Eh Yia 要拼才会赢 (which I prefer to call 可以起不能落, listen and you'll know why)

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