Monday, November 23, 2009

The Birth of Yo-Yo Interest Group

20 November 2009

I thought the playing of Yo-Yo had died out after my secondary school days, until I saw more and more children and teens playing them in my neighbourhood. The best way to confirm a trend is to take a look at the shops they frequent, and yes, they are selling more and more Yo-Yos.

Hence, the idea of a Yo-Yo interest group under the charge of the Eunos Community Club Youth Executive Committee is formed. Slightly a month ago, recruitment banners to the interest group were strategically placed near Eunos Community Club as well as around Telok Kurau Primary School.

The response was overwhelming. In less than a month, we had more than 35 names. The participants were so eager that they kept asking the Eunos Constituency Office about the details for the first gathering.

For our first gathering, we met at Eunos CC basketball court. In attendance were Chairman of the YEC Hock Rong and Children's Programme Secretary Diana. The age of the participants varied from as young as 7 years old (!!!) to 22. After understanding the objective of the interest group, everyone introduced themselves and did their own signature Yo-Yo trick.

They were then grouped according to their proficiency levels, picked their own leader and named their own groups.

The experts then coached their peers.

It is fruitful to provide a platform for people living around one another to gather and foster bonds.


  1. can i join the yoyo IG this friday?

  2. Yes, Just come by this Friday (4 December) to Eunos CC Room 205 (Level 2).

    See you there.


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