Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Festivals of Lights - Deepavali and Loy Krathong

14 November 2009

I was the Master of Ceremony for the Deepavali & Loy Krathong cum Block Party celebrations, organised by Eunos Zone '2' Residents' Committee. Before the commencement of the event proper, I went around to learn about the significance of these two festivals.

Loy Krathong is a festival celebrated by the Thais. During the celebration, water lanterns would be released. The release signifies the expulsion of bad luck, and to get a refreshing start.

Deepavali is celebrated by Indians. This festival marks the triumph of good over evil. To them, darkness is evil, and candles and oil lamps are lit to brighten away darkness.

During registration, participants were sprinkled holy water (rosewater) and added the "dot" on their forehead in the Indian tradition. Ladies used the red powder made from sephron flower while men use the powder made from sandlewood.

The celebration begun with the lighting up ceremony by grassroots leaders. The special Deepavali stand is constructed by the RC members.

Dinner was Indian-style Nasi Briyani, prepared by Velu's Family Restaurant. The restaurant is located at Eunos Community Club and is well-known for its curry fish head.

After a sumptuous dinner, participants started praying for a better year ahead and released the water lanterns. Regardless of religion, everyone prayed on the same platform. Such is the uniqueness of multiracial Singapore.

The lanterns were made by the RC members as well. They are made from styrofoam bowls.

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