Friday, February 27, 2009

PAYM Singapore – Hong Kong Youth Exchange Programme 2009 Day 5

16 February 2009

I really love eating the pork sausages in the breakfast buffet at the hotel. The variety of food was exactly the same as the first day's. At least I have my pork sausages.

Everyone took the MTR to Lantau island. There, we took a bus to view the Giant Buddha.

We were very lucky that the weather was good and we could see the Giant Buddha clearly. It was foggy just the night before.

The Giant Buddha was slightly before Hong Kong's return to China. It was to commemorate the 1997 return of Hong Kong. The Giant Buddha faces mainland China which means blessing China. There are 168 steps to the top.

Chatted with Nicole and found out that she was also interested in starting her own business. We had vegetarian lunch at Po Lin Monastery.

After lunch, we trailed along the Wisdom path, towards the Lantau Peak.

Then, we did a mini-tour in Tai O Fishing Village.

We started the tour with a boat ride. During the ride, we were lucky to be able to see several pink dolphins.

The houses on water are similar to that of Thailand's but the houses here are built with zinc sheets.

After the boat ride, we walked around the houses. They are all linked together in a loop, so even without boats, one can still go to all the places. Hock Rong and I tried their beancurd. It had a tinge of ginger taste.

There were many people playing mahjong in their houses. There was also a Cantonese opera show.

After dinner at hotel, we visited Y's Men's Deaf Centre. I participated in a record breaking mass song signing with 4,000 other people at the NDP Marina in 2005. The song we had signed was "Uniquely You". I was surprised that Rick also knew the signing and we tried to recall how to sign the song.

At the centre, we learnt that there is a special emergency number dedicated to the deaf. They could SMS to 992 in case of emergency. We also learnt some sign language.

At night, Rick, Hock Rong, Liling, Yu Long, Vicki and I went to Neway for Karaoke.

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