Sunday, February 08, 2009

NUSPA Membership Relations Committee Meeting

4 February 2009

I enrolled myself into NUS Political Association Membership Relations Committee as Secretary after I passed the interview some weeks ago. After getting heavily involved in grassroots and community work, I thought I should participate in some school activities when I still have the chance to. Also, I'm sure I can learn from my experience gained from school and apply them to community work. With my little experience in organising events, I'm sure I could also contribute to NUSPA MRC.

NUSPA has a spacious room for Directors and members to utilise. The members are pretty friendly. Coincidentally, I met Huilin who was from my secondary school.

Shayne, the Director for the committee, happened to stay in Eunos as well, so we had a good chat all the way home.

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