Thursday, February 26, 2009

PAYM Singapore – Hong Kong Youth Exchange Programme 2009 Day 3

14 February 2009

We checked out of the hotel in the morning since we would be staying in a camp later tonight. At 10.30am, we departed for a visit to Home of Love - Sheltered Workshop (Rehabilitation Centre) in Sheung Wan.

The centre houses the mentally handicapped and provides training so that they can be employed. Social workers work on shifts to ensure that they are available round the clock. Some of the clients are provided work opportunities at the centre i.e. placing letters in envelopes and packing.

For lunch, we enjoyed some toasts and noodles at Tsui Wa Restaurant in Central.

After lunch was a mini-historical tour in Central. On foot, Connie guided us through the streets of Central. I noticed that there are no cyclists around on the road, and she highlighted to me that it was due to the hilly terrains in Central. She shared to us that the only person who rides a bicycle down the slope is Comedian Stephen Chow. He would ride it down and then be chauffeured up to his place.

We get to see the historical Hong Kong Police building. The building had been used during the colonial era.

We were very lucky to be able see some "stars". Some of us even saw Li Xin Jie.

We also travelled along the longest escalator in the world.

And on this Valentine's Day, this couple kissed all the way throughout the longest escalator...

After the tour at Central (Hong Kong island), we then headed towards YMCA Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village at New Territories. All the guys checked into one air-conditioned bungalow.

The Youth Village is well equipped with facilities - a shooting range for bow and arrows, stadium, soccer field, Karaoke rooms, arcade room, etc.

Felt great seeing George again. I had hosted him during his stay in Singapore. I remember the night where we went cycling till 5am and then having to wake up at 8am that morning to attend a function.

Everyone was so into Mambo dance that night, dancing along the tune of Loving the First Degree. Valentine's effect?

There is a stark difference in the way Hong Kongers barbeque and how Singaporeans do it. Singapore's style is the lazy way of doing it - one person doing the cooking and everyone else eating. Hong Kong's style is more interactive, with everyone sitting in circles around the campfire and cooking their own food.

While Singaporeans use fire starters to get the charcoal heated up, Hong Kongers use newspapers to burn the charcoal and cook the food with burning flames.

I am terrible at this way of cooking, getting all my food overcooked and carbonated.

At night, Hock Rong entertained everyone with his comical expressions and performances. Yi Ki and Aska tried to prevent us from falling asleep, but we did...

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