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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Send-off Ceremony in Japan

Day 11 - 4 November 2010

People who do business in Japan or know Japan well enough would know that they emphasise a lot on punctuality. Hence, the Singapore Contingent adopted a practice of meeting up 10-15 minutes before the actual timing.

So for our first flag hoisting ceremony, hosted by Japan, we met at 7am in our Attire A1. The ceremony was started at 7.30am.

♥ Final rehearsal for the Flag Hoisting Ceremony 

At the Sun Deck

During any flag hoisting ceremony, after the Master of Ceremony declared its commencement, commands would be given for the flag bearers to take position. The flag of the country which is hosting the ceremony would be raised first as its national anthem plays on. The other state flags would then be raised.

PYs at the Sports Deck

The Singapore flag flies high!

After breakfast, we had our Morning Assembly. It is compulsory for everyone to attend and attendance is taken. This is to ensure that everyone is still safe and sound on board. During Morning Assemblies, Participating Youths also had the chance to publicise their activities and national presentation details to everyone.

The first activity after that was the Lifeboat Drill.

Introduction of the Captain, Chief Engineer & Chief Purser

"Pinching Fingers"

After the Lifeboat Drill, the Youth Leaders had their Group Leaders Meeting while the Discussion Programme Steering Committee had ours. As I head the Discussion Committee for the Singapore Contingent, I was appointed to represent the Contingent in the Steering Committee. I'm glad that I was joined by SPYs Dayanaa and Sijie who were representing their Discussion Group in the Committee.

During our first meeting, we formed the Organising Committee for the Discussion Programme (Introductory Programme), with Andy (Lao P.D.R.) as Chairperson. I volunteered myself to be the Stage Manager, together with Hour (Cambodia).

Ice-cream is served daily during Lunch!

After lunch, we put on our Attire A1 again for the Open Ship and Send-off Ceremony. That was when the Japan Participating Youths meet their family members and bring them on a tour around the ship.

At our usual meeting place

Myanmar Youth Leader delivered the response speech to the Guest-of-Honour.

We were given ribbons for us to throw during the send-off ceremony. This is a tradition for SSEAYP, where the Participating Youths hold on to one end of the ribbon and the families/host families would hold on to the other end. As the ship sails away from the port, the ribbon would break.

I was with Japan National Leader, Waku-T, when he pointed out to Mt. Fuji in a distance. He said we're lucky to have a clear sky to be able to see it from Fuji Maru. I was appreciating its beauty so much so that I was late for Contingent meeting!

Mt. Fuji on the right

All the contingents had their meeting at 5pm.


The contingent Discussion Committee took some time before dinner to put up our contingent logo poster on the noticeboard. With that, the Singapore contingent was the first to put up something at the noticeboard. That would be a pleasant surprise to everyone during morning assembly the next day. We also submitted the Contingent Presentation for the Discussion Programme (Introductory Programme).

Some of us began the jogging regime on board. The distance of one lap around the deck is 330 metres. Thanks to the cooling breeze, the body doesn't get heated up that fast and therefore more laps achieved.

 At night, we gathered at the bow (front) of the ship and gazed at the beautiful starry night. I'd never seen so many stars on the sky before.

And I'll never forget wearing just tshirt and shorts, under the chilling temperature with the strong cooling wind.

Cuddling helps to keep our body warm

Had a long conversation with cabin-mates. Inspired by Ade who so diligently keeps a journal that prompted me to also start recording my memories.

And this marked the beginning of an Angel-and-Mortal game!

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