Thursday, December 30, 2010

37th SSEAYP 2010 - Boarding the Fuji Maru

Day 10 - 3 November 2010

We woke up early in the morning to pack up our rooms and get them ready for checking by the YLS staff. Everyone then shifted our luggages, together with the Contingent stores downstairs.


Last Breakfast at Cafeteria Fuji

At 9am, we assembled at the International Conference Room and filled in the evaluation form for the Country Programme in Japan.

Since we had some free time, some of us went to the convenience store to browse and shop.

At about 11.30am, we left the National Youth Center for the Yokohama Port.

Bento Lunch set

Tokyo Tour

Walking towards Yokohama Port

We cleared the customs by contingent. Everyone shared the excitement to board the legendary Fuji Maru.

Our luggages were transported to the ship by the porters. The Administrative staff announced through the public announcement system for each contingent to pick up their luggage from level B1.

View of Yokohama Port from Fuji Maru

Rainbow Bridge

With Buddy Zatan (also the Youth Leader)


We were greeted by passengers of another cruise ship...

Guess the nationality of this Santa Claus (answer: his shirt)

The sunset is exceptionally beautiful. It would be a day later that the Fuji Maru began to depart from the Port. The thought of spending the next 40+ days on board with friends from 11 countries refreshes one.

The accommodation on board is such that 3 Participating Youths (of different nationality) share a cabin. I shared mine with a Japanese and an Indonesian.

In the afternoon, we had the Orientation session.

The seating arrangements usually follow protocol based on the port-of-call (POC) sequence. Hence, the seating/standing arrangement in Japan would be (from left) Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Lao P.D.R., Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, followed by countries we are not visiting, arranged in alphabetical order, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines. Upon reaching the POC country, the POC country would assume the last position (usually on the right).

Our first dinner was memorable. The Singapore Participating Youths were the first in the queue, fully portraying the Kiasu spirit. Before entering the Dining Hall, we had to first sanitise our hands at the door. Dinner time was usually from 6pm to 7.30pm. At 6pm, there would be a chime to alert everyone.

After dinner, we had our first Discussion Programme Group Meeting, where our Facilitator formally introduced himself for the first time. We also elected two representatives of the Discussion Group who will represent us in the Discussion Programme Steering Committee.

Facilitator Jay (Philippines) giving us a briefing

My Solidarity Group (SG-A) had the honour of conducting the first night call. At 11pm, members of SG-A gathered at the Admin counter and made goodnight wishes (in 11 languages) via the public announcement system.

After 11pm, no one is supposed to loiter outside the cabin. National Leaders would conduct their night patrol to check on the Participating Youths.

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