Monday, December 20, 2010

37th SSEAYP 2010 - Harajuku & Shibuya Tour

Day 2 - 26 October 2010

Went to the gym with Sijie in the morning. It was rather surprising to me to see that the gym was a very modest one. Nevertheless, we managed to get ourselves worked out enough.

After the workout, we headed straight to Breakfast, which happened to be a bad move.

Both of us were the only ones with singlets and shorts! I didn't eat much that breakfast...

After breakfast, I signed out a winter jacket from the Administrative Staff. 

And then it was Contingent meeting where we had our cheers practice...

... and we also collected the Singapore Contingent Profile booklets for our host families.

Dressed in our Attire C1, everyone gathered for the Orientation by Administration and Reception Committee.

Introduction of Administrative Staff

Speech by Secretary-General of International Youth Exchange Organisation (IYEO)

We showed off our first cheer here...

SPY10s Oei!

After the Orientation, time was made for us to meet our Solidarity Group (SG) members. Each SG comprises of Participating Youths of each of the 11 Contingents. I belong to SG A, led by Japan National Leader Waku-T, Vietnam Youth Leader (VYL) Thao, and Indonesia Assistant Youth Leader (IAYL) Sonny. We had a short self-introduction and brainstormed on SG cheers.

We then changed out of our attire into casual wear for Tokyo Tour! Japan PYs divided themselves into different "tour groups". I joined the group heading to Harajuku & Shibuya. Each of us were given allowance for our lunch.

SPYs with IPYs who are staying at the same floor

We took the subway~

With my Cabin Mate, Nom, who happens to be one of our guides

Lunch was Tempura at a restaurant in Shibuya~

Radish and Soya Sauce for Tempura

Eaten with Curry Salt & Salt as well

After lunch, we walked along the streets of Shibuya.

With Japanese High School Students

Jed puts it best when he said, "Everyone in Japan looks good."

Another interesting takeaway is that Japanese smokers do not smoke while walking. Also, on the streets, there are very few bins, yet the streets are kept sparkling clean.

And as the traffic lights turn in favour of the pedestrian, we displayed our best poses...

With a Shrine in the background

With Atchan (JPY)

Thanks Jed for the many photos taken

It is wrong to think that JPYs know the way around Tokyo, because most of them do not live in the capital. So it was interesting how they tried to search for the directory on their cellphones. But they really tried their best in getting where we wanted to go and I really appreciate that.

Seen in a souvenir shop


Dinner was Ramen! Oishi, Oishi, Ramen!

1,050 yen~

We assembled in our Contingent Store (which is actually one vacant hotel suite) at 10.30pm. National Leader (NL) Desmond shared a bad news to us, saying that Tsunami had hit West Sumatra. A typhoon also hit Southern Japan.

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