Thursday, July 01, 2010

Metta Charity Walk cum Family Carnival 2010

6 June 2010

The day of the event coincides with Father's birthday, and also marks my 4th year volunteering at the annual fundraising event.

I remember selling fruit juice in my first year and selling Lavender aromatherapy products for the next two years. The goods were supplied by companies and proceeds go to Metta Welfare Association.

This year, we sold clothings!

It was a whole new experience selling clothings to people. As the clothes were donated by different companies, they come in different sizes and quantities. Our customers came in droves at some points in time and vanished thereafter. They were like waves hitting the shore periodically.

We managed to sell off quite a fair bit of clothings. Ultimately, the ladies did best as they connected easily with our customers. It is interesting to see Mother convincing people to buy, since she has always been the one buying!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you were there also!? I was helping out with my friend's booth, they were performing magic =D


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