Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drawing the Line between PA and PAP

10 July 2010

I was quoted by The Straits Times regarding my views about the line between People's Association and the People's Action Party.

Although PA is a statutory board under the Ministry of Community, Youth Development & Sports (MCYS), it is not the PAP.

Under the PA's constitution, whichever political party which forms the government of the day will inherit the PA, i.e. Prime Minister will always assume the post of Chairman for the PA Board.

The PA's objective is to be the bridge between the Government and the people. PA Grassroots Leaders help to communicate Government policies to their residents while channelling feedback upwards.

This very objective and purpose would be nullified with the appointment of Opposition MPs as Advisers to Grassroots Organisations. They would have to choose between betraying their political parties by singing the Government's tune or betray People's Association by destroying the bridge.

Even though some PA Grassroots Leaders might take up PAP membership, it should not automatically mean that PA GRLs are all PAP members. That is as absurd as saying that your HDB is a PAP HDB flat because your neighbour is a PAP member.

What matters, to me, is that GRLs are those who have committed themselves to serving the community, sacrificing their family time and sometimes even money.

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  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Since the writer is a member of Young PAP, I would take his opinion with a pinch of salt.


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