Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Launch of Flyer Recycling Bin & Zero Litter Block Party

26 June 2010

Inspired by "Save That Pen @ NUS" initiative by NUS students, I proposed to the Town Council to install a Flyer Recycling Bin at a void deck to encourage recycling and discourage littering. I am glad that my fellow Residents' Committee members were pretty supportive of the idea. And the concept of "Save That Flyer @ Eunos" is born!

At the Launch of the Zero Litter Month at Eunos Constituency, I gave an interview to Channel 8, sharing about the plan.

To launch the Flyer Recycling Bin, Eunos Zone '3' Residents' Committee held a Block Party for the residents of Blk 621 Bedok Reservoir Road, where the bin would be located.

We decided on Blk 621 because it was the block that was in between two rubbish chutes, where the typical red/blue/green recycling bins were placed. Residents of Blk 621 would have to walk a greater distance than any of the other blocks in Zone '3' Precinct. Also, Blk 621 has only one consolidated letterbox area.

Every event organised is an experience gained. Since we planned the date of the event in advance, we didn't realise that HDB is sending contractors to strengthen the pillars at the void deck of Blk 621.

Fortunately, the contractor is understanding and sped up their renovation works to give us a clean and debris-free area for our event.

During the event, games and quizzes were conducted to build awareness of paper recycling. Participants learnt that while a flyer can be recycled, an oil-stained pizza box shouldn't be.

Ivy, that latest addition to our RC family, shared with residents about the various creative ways to reusing flyers.

As our Member of Parliament was overseas, we had our RC Chairman, Mr Sawaran Singh to do us the honour of launching the Flyer Recycling Bin!

Residents also got to make new friends with one another over dinner.


It took about 3 weeks for this:

to become this:

The initial prediction of weight had been grossly underestimated. A filled bin of flyers actually weigh a stunning 10kg!

The remarkable thing is that the bin vastly reduced the amount of litter at the void deck.

Our initial worry of vandalism to the bin also went unfounded. Success!

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