Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eunos Zone '3' RC Block 629 Floor Party

5 July 2009

It is fun to work with my RC members. Our event meeting turned out to be hysterical and very loud. To foster greater cohesion among neighbours, I volunteered to be the Organising Chairperson for this small-scale event of getting my neighbours to participate in a breakfast floor party.

As our RC seldom organises breakfast parties, we scrambled our heads and brainstormed many ideas as to how it should be carried out and what are the food to be bought.

As early as 8am, RC members started making sandwiches, cooking hot water for beverages, arranging the many goodies. At 9am, residents flocked in and was welcomed with a good spread of food.

It was a short and sweet party which saw neighbours and residents talking among themselves. Mission accomplished.

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