Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Damai Secondary School 15th Anniversary Homecoming Dinner

4 July 2009

Rushed from SRJC to my alma mater Damai Secondary School for its 15th Anniversary Homecoming Dinner. Secondary school life is the most memorable because it occupies 4 years of your teenage life.

As I was making my way to the parade square where the dinner would be held, I met many of my teachers and that made me feel so young. Happen to also see Bedok Reservoir - Punggol grassroots leaders.

The Guest-of-Honour for the event is none other than Foreign Minister George Yeo, who is also the MP for Aljunied GRC & Adviser to Bedok Reservoir - Punggol Grassroots Organisations. He also graced the launch of the school's sports mural for YOG2010.

Ex-Damaian Louis was the emcee. It was the most appropriate since he would have known all the lingo and behaviour of the typical Damaian. So when he spoke about certain food offered in the canteen or places where Damaians love hanging out at, it struck a chord with the entire audience.

A photo montage was screened showing images of the school's first year till date. Then, video interviews of Louis and myself were telecasted. It was so awkward looking at myself in the video.

In my video interview, I mentioned that if not for the leadership opportunities given to me in Damai, I wouldn't be where I am presently. I remember being nominated to be the Class Chairman by Vice-Chairlady Sharain after the previous Chairman decided to give up his position. For 2 years, being a quiet soul, I just did what should be done. In my 3rd year, I was elected Chairman of the AV Club where my life had never been the same again. Hence, I'm grateful to Damai Secondary School for what I am today.

As for all birthdays, there would be cake cutting. Each of us was given a minicake for the symbolic celebration.

Singer Olivia Ong went up on stage to mesmerise the audience with her songs including the theme song for Little Nonya. Her class used to be beside mine during morning assemblies. During schooling, she joined a group but that group didn't work out. So she went to Japan and poof, a singer is born. Students lined the stage, taking every opportunity to take photos and videos of this super star.

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