Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eunos Youth Nite 2008

27 May 2008

After sending BH to school in the morning, I went to do a last minute shopping for Youth Nite. Since Jinfu and Zul was already arranging the chairs in the hall, Brenda and I decided to have lunch later and we rushed to Eunos Community Club.

Youth Nite is organised by the Eunos Youth Executive Committee (YEC) as part of the 1-week long celebrations for the Silver Jubilee of Eunos CC. Brenda was the organising chairman for Youth Nite while Zul (programme manager), Ming Choo (publicity), Madeline (registration) and I (stage manager) assisted in the making of the event, together along with other members of the Eunos YEC.

From 12.30pm, YEC members were already present to do up the decoration and the setting up of the hall. I helped Brenda with the script of her maiden speech; then blow up balloons with Rahayu; enjoyed the rehearsals of the artistes and performers. At 7.30pm, while Wu Jia Hui was doing sound check, the queue of audiences was already building up.

The Guest-of-Honour was Mayor Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Adviser to Eunos Grassroots Organisations and Mayor of Northeast CDC. He was accompanied by his wife.

At the stage, emcee Shih Ling, Rahayu and I had fun chatting with performers before sending them up for the big show. Although the backstage was "hazy" (caused by the smoke machine), we still enjoyed doing our part for the event. Especially when we are the ones that could enjoy taking photos with the Campus Superstars, and be close with Wu Jia Hui.

The performance line-up was the percussion band performance by Fityatul Haq, followed by break dance by E-Radicate Force Crew, Clarinet Ensemble, Hip Hop dance by Vitality Love, Modern dance by Raffles Junior College, Campus Superstars - Koh Zhen Ning, Javin They, Keely Wee, and last but not least Wu Jia Hui.

The atmosphere backstage was one of excitement and alertness. Even though chairs were plenty, we were constantly on our toes to ensure that the performance is smoothly presented to the stage. At one point, a performer misplaced her iPhone and create a panic backstage. Luckily it was her who dropped the phone outside the hall, and the phone was not lost in the eyes of the stage crew.

The celebrities were very friendly and personal. They were more than willing to have a picture and to converse with us. They did not carry airs around them. It was also a loving sight to see the closeness of Javin and Keely. The YEC has Jinfu to thank for bringing the stars to Eunos. Some of us also managed to have a picture with Wu Jia Hui before he left.

Campus Superstar Zhen Ning, Zul, Me, Rahayu

After Youth Nite, went with Jian Hao (who enjoyed the event) for supper with Andrew, while being emotionally touched by Bao Hui in our conversation over the phone. Thank you for being there, Bao Hui :)

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