Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Was Trump Pence logo designer inspired by The Purge?

2 highly anticipated events happened in July 2016.

One of them is the third instalment of the movie - The Purge: Election Year, which was released on 1 July 2016.

5 minutes into the scene, this logo came out on the screen. I thought it looked very familiar.

The second highly anticipated event was 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's announcement of his Vice Presidential running mate. The official announcement also revealed the Trump-Pence campaign logo, which soon was dropped from Donald Trump's Facebook and website due to various reasons, including obscenity.

Uncanny semblance to The Purge logo?

And that is why it is unfathomable that the Trump-Pence logo turned out to be so similar to The Purge's. Was the designer hoping to leverage on the "brand consciousness" of movie sequel?

It didn't help that even the acronyms are the same - Trump-Pence / The Purge.

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