Friday, July 15, 2016

6 Games that should GO the Pokémon GO way

If you are fathoming why Pokémon GO is appearing on your news feed every hour of the day, it is not only because Pokémon GO has become the biggest mobile game in the history of the U.S., but it has health benefits, yet can kill you, get you terminated from your emloyment, make you rich and turn people into zombies.

Wikipedia describes Pokémon GO as "a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic and published by The Pokémon Company as part of the Pokémon franchise."

Augmented reality is a fusion of virtual reality and real life. Merging "location-based" with "augmented reality", the world has truly become a borderless playground. Next, with devices like Samsung Gear VR and Google Glass, very soon you will be in your dream world.

I am hoping that Niantic or any other game companies would be inspired by the successes of Pokémon GO to introduce greater disruption to the gaming industry. And if so, they should really be making the following 7 games the way of Pokémon GO!

1) Second Life GO

This is the closest you can get to experience what's it like to be in movies such as Avatar and Surrogate. Besides, a Second Life GO will also help many singles find their life partners and for virtual shop merchants to interact physically with their customers. Oh hey! Perhaps Second Life GO will really give you a chance to live your life as a sociable human being!

2)Counterstrike GO

Laser tags and paint balls will be clichés with this game. It could probably encourage the use of more virtual guns then real ones, and at the same time get you running around and prepare you for terrorist attacks.

3) Resident Evil GO

Get your chance to be amidst the Walking Dead. Resident Evil GO version will bring gamers out of Raccoon City and into the neighbourhood. Makes good for Halloween celebration too! 

4) Warcraft GO

Some games require deploying your troops/orcs to mine for resources. If we can use the influence of gaming to augment thrash and litter into ores, wouldn't we have clean beaches and streets?

5) Final Fantasy GO

Seeking enemies to fight to gain experience to level up your character? Explore and who knows you might find a chuckaboo, beyond potions and power gems.

6) Super Mario

With this game, you will have plenty reasons to jump and squat, and shed those weight. We'd never know, maybe we'll find people in the sewers collecting their "coins".

That said, some games should never be made into location-based augmented reality ones, i.e. no-GO:

X) Grand Theft Auto

Quite self-explanatory

X) World of Warcraft

Beating the hell out of augmented creeps in the street can be scary. Think "The Purge".

X) Daytona

Let's keep this in the arcade

Any other games that should GO?

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