Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SHINE - PAYM Awards & CYC Installation Ceremony 2010

29 May 2010

Many things can happen within two years. For the group of us in Eunos CC YEC, the past two years had been a transformational one.

The Chinese has a saying 台上三分钟,台下十年功 (literal translation: 3 minutes on stage are the results of ten years of effort). Under the leadership of a perfectionist, each YEC event was taken seriously. If anything, our team set out to redefine the meaning of "youth" in Eunos.

PAYM Awards & Central Youth Council (CYC) Installation Ceremony 2010 was held at Resorts World Sentosa. Individuals and Youth Clubs are assessed by a panel for the achievements they attained for the past term of two years.

The grandiose nature of the ceremony brought back memories of Prom Night. Clad in lounge suits and ties/evening gowns, everyone walked the red carpet right.

Soon after the arrival of the Guest-of-Honour and VIPs, flash mobbers took us by surprise, with their synchronous hip-hop dance to the beat of techno songs.

CYC Chairperson Lina Chong gave an opening address, highlighting the achievements by the YECs and thanking YEC members for their commitment.

The Guest-of-Honour, Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for National Development & Education, Member of PA Board of Management, urged youths to continue with our community involvement efforts.

Elected members of the new term Central Youth Council also received their appointment letters from the GOH. Outgoing Chief Executive Director of PA, Mr Tan Boon Huat and CED-designate Mr Yam Ah Mee were also present as the CYC was installed.

When the Meritorious Youth Club Award was received by Hock Rong on stage, Eunos CC YEC members and Bedok North Secondary School Service Learning Club did three rounds of loud "huat"s to express our exhilaration. The Meritorious Youth Club Award is given out to the top 10 Youth Clubs in Singapore. (In case you are wondering, there are over 100 Youth Clubs).

Was also happy for my One Asia Forum friends whose Youth Clubs also received the Award.

Well, even when the tough gets going and the going gets tough, our bunch did have our fair share of fun. And that's where Serious Business meets Serious Fun!

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