Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recce to Pang Sua Park

30 May 2010

After a late night at RWS, woke up early for a recce to Pang Sua Park. According to NParks website, "the Pang Sua Park Connector starts from Zhenghua Park and runs along Bukit Panjang Road, connecting to Bukit Panjang Park along the route... forms part of the Western Adventure PCN, linking PCN users to various PCs, parks and nature reserves."

We were surprised to see water flowing into this rusted pail. Seems like someone didn't make it alive to collect the pail... Wonderful plot for a horror movie.

The morning drizzle did not deter us from completing the 1.8km segment that we came here for.

We were surprised and pleased to see dozens of butterflies along the trail. It is such a rare chance to catch these lovely creatures in this urbanised island.

We also got to step on the railway, which will soon be part of Singapore's history.

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