Friday, January 08, 2010

Seoul Garden @ Downtown East

1 January 2010

My family and I spent the first day of 2010 together, enjoying a dinner buffet at Downtown East. This is an early reunion dinner as Brother would be spending Chinese New Year abroad.

The Seoul Garden restaurant there is somewhat different from the other outlets. Here you can select the food that you want to cook via the computer screen and have them delivered to the table.

Gone were the days when you have to walk all the way to the buffet counter and bear with oily, misplaced thongs. With just a click on the mouse, your food will be served neatly.

I remember one marketing strategy - to increase consumers' involvement in purchasing decision - and how the choosing of food via the screen would aid in that.

I thought Seoul Garden looked more Korean now, with the longer thongs for cooking, the sunken frying pan and the Bibimbap.

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