Sunday, January 03, 2010

Damai Secondary AV X'mas Party

24 December 2009

Damai Secondary School Audio Visual Club Alumni held a Christmas gathering at Stacey's house. It must have been 2 years since I met with my lovely juniors.
The party was very well organised. Enter the house and the Taboo Words game kicks into action.

I scored pretty badly initially but managed to get many of them to say the taboo words. The top accumulators of taboo words faced forfeits.

The food was awesome. The turkey and ham were delicious!

Halfway through the party, Ziyang, Chee Lee and I went to a neighbouring block with the hope of locating our long lost AV Club member Lois Lin. We knocked on every unit on the floor, but our efforts were in vain.

Not forgetting the gift exchange.

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