Monday, August 03, 2009

PAddle Pop Outing

19 July 2009

The long awaited YP Eunos outing is finally here. The creative minds of the Young Activists gave birth to the title of "PAddle Pop", with the abbreviation of PAP. PAddle = Cycling; Pop = Popping Coconuts. The trip was planned and by Chee Lee, who also came up with a photo hunt game for us.

YP Eunos:

This is a real cheesy signage put up by a drinks stall.

After the photo hunt, we took a rest and did the "Pop"!

Pulau Ubin makes a good getaway from the buzzy island city dwellers. As we cycled around Pulau Ubin, we saw many ripened rambutans about to drop off from the fruit trees.

What a huge moniker lizard?

Prize Presentation:

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