Monday, August 03, 2009

Eunos Zone '3' RC Block Party cum Multi Racial Food Fiesta

12 July 2009

Reached Singapore at about 2am. Mother, Lin Qiang and Hock Rong were at the airport to welcome me back. By the time I could get into bed, it was already 4am.

At 8am, I went to the RC centre to prepare for the Block Party cum Multi Racial Food Fiesta. Luckily, Mother had helped me bought game prizes for my games segment. Feeling goggy, I floated around getting my script ready.

At 9am, residents began to gather outside the RC centre. The cooking demonstration was conducted by Mdm Hazizah, who taught everyone how to cook a delicious set of Mee Siam. It was a a beneficial lesson for some who always couldn't get their Mee Siam as tasty as they wanted it to be.

After the cooking demonstration, everyone headed in to the centre for games. The enthusiasm of the crowd fuelled my drive to deliver a good show. It was a very interactive process and that kept everyone engaged.

The first part of the game was a quiz about multiracialism, followed by a game involving participants to act out and pass the message to each other. The message was "Little Nonya wants to eat Roti Prata". Games usually excite children, and sure enough everyone was entertained by these young ones.

Many residents also left their names and I/C for the voting of Hock Rong for the Favourite Nominee of the Stars of Shine Award 2009.

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