Monday, June 13, 2016

7D6N Tour to Taiwan (Gugong, Tamsui, Beitou), Day 5 - Hot Spring

Throwback to 17 December 2015
Day 5

Prior to the trip, some Taiwanese unionists who were in Singapore for an exchange programme highly recommended me to visit the National Palace Museum 國立故宮博物院 when they knew I had holiday plans in Taiwan.

In mask because of PM2.5 haze「紫爆」霧霾 as reported in local news

The museum required visitors to surrender their drinking bottles, so we had to take a detour and deposit our drinking bottles at the counter.

The museum had an extensive amount of artefacts. Apparently, most of the artefacts were brought over by the Kuomintang when it retreated from mainland China after the civil war.

Doodling on the interactive platforms at the museum

The museum tickets gave us complimentary access to the Zhishan Garden (至善園), where it gave us a brief respite after the intensive browsing of hundreds of displays. 

We took a bus and left for Shilin Station for lunch.

Cool Bus Driver in Santa Claus attire and handing out sweets to passengers

Steamboat Buffet Lunch

Map of Shilin 士林

After our late lunch, we headed to Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf (淡水漁人碼頭). 

Photo of the Day. Mum the awesome photographer.

Ice cream again, but not as good as the one at Shifen

Shopping time

Just by trial and error, asking around and by intuition, we managed to get by each day of our itinerary well. With absolute no knowledge (and since we had never tried) on hotspring, we went to Beitou 北投 where hotspring resorts were abundant. 

Interesting displays at Beitou Train Station

Even the train is in theme

We "cold-called" several hotels and did our own price comparison. Eventually, decided to go into a decent looking hotel - Jia Bin Ge Hotspring Resort Hotel 台北北投嘉宾阁旅馆花园温泉会馆. We were given a room to check in and a tap in the bathroom was where the hotspring water was channelled out for us.

Complimentary refreshments after our hotspring


Train ride back. Thanks to the always available seat reserved for pregnant ladies and elderly

Back to our spacious bunk

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